Internet Chats Depict ‘Cannibal Cop’ Planning to Kidnap Former College Classmate

By Julia John-Scheder & Salvatore Romano

An FBI special agent recited internet chats in Manhattan Federal Court on Tuesday in which the so-called “cannibal cop” discussed with fellow fetishists plans to abduct, cook and eat women, including a former college classmate of the police officer.

Valle is charged with plotting to kidnap, rape, kill, and consume a series of women.

Evidence indicated that he kept a list of hundreds of potential victims including their names, pictures, weight and height descriptions and addresses.

The defense argues that the internet chatter was constitutionally-protected pure fantasy and never crossed the line into reality.

The chats read by prosecution witness Corey Walsh and exchanged between the defendant Gilberto Valle and Michael Vanhise, 22, of New Jersey, focused on Allisa Friscia, Valle’s classmate at the University of Maryland, describing her height and weight and noted that she “took care of herself.” The online conversation. starting in January, 2012 and lasting till September, portray Valle asking Vanhise for $4000 to kidnap Friscia and make her his sex slave.

“I’ll abduct her right from her apartment,” Valle was quoted saying,  then asking if Vanhise wanted her clothed or nude, and if Valle could watch him hang her. “I don’t care if she experiences pain or suffering. I will sleep like a baby.”

The first message exchanged between Valle and  Vanhise, centered on the various methods they could use to kidnap a 7-year-old girl. Vanhisse was charged in January with conspiracy to kidnap. But Valle is not otherwise connected to the case and the prosecution concedes that he had no interest in cannibalizing children.

Vanhise also asked Valle if he would like to rape Friscia with him, the chats showed.

“You will have to make sure she will not be found,” said Valle. “She will be a news story.”

Later on cross-examination defense attorney Robert Baum asked Walsh if the chats and e-mails showed where fantasy ended and reality began but the witness was hard-pressed to draw the distinction.



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