The father of schizophrenic killer David Tarloff took the stand Tuesday and described how his son’s mental state spiraled out of control in the years leading up to the meat cleaver murder of psychologist Kathryn Faughney.

Leonard Tarloff, 77, told Manhattan Supreme Court jurors that from 2005 to 2007 his son’s condition worsened, frightening his family and leaving them with no choice but to admit him to various psychiatric hospitals where he spent most of the years before the 2008 murder, a botched attempt to steal $40,000 from the victim’s office mate, Dr. Kent Shinbach, who earlier had treated the younger Tarloff.

The defendant, 46, has said he hoped to use the money to liberate his mother with whom he was obsessed, from a nursing home.  Shinbach was wounded in a confrontation with Tarloff.

The elder Tarloff, a transportation executive, told of frequent phone calls, on many of which the younger Tarloff said nothing, or ranted about visions of God, beliefs that he was the son of God, and messages that God was telling him to free his mother from the nursing home.

The witness also showed the jury  photos of his son’s apartment, free run 3.0 v4 femmes which he helped clean out in 2005, describing the dwelling as “a horror,” completely in shambles, with bones and bowls of food scattered all over the floor.

The father testified that when living with his now deceased mother – from whom he was divorced – Tarloff would frequently walk around naked and was reported kissing her so passionately that he was asked to stop by health care workers

On Feb. 11, 2008, the day before the murder, the father testified, he received a phone call from his son claiming to have gotten a job and asking to borrow $2000. The father gave him $500.

He received another call a week later. “Dad they’re saying I killed a lady.” the son said. “They’re crazy  — you know I would never do something like that!”

Tarloff has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.