City Council Committee Focuses on Private Bus Crashes


City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez on Thursday called for greater oversight of private bus companies in New York City, to improve safety in the wake of the increasing fatal crashes and accidents involving motor coaches.

The most recent of these deadly incidents occurred in Queens in September when a Dahlia Group tour bus crashed into a MTA Q20, resulting in the death of three people.

Too often do we see deadly crashes involving motorcoaches in our area,” said Councilman Rodriguez in a press conference on  in the steps of City Hall with other council members before a hearing of the Transportation Committee . “It’s time we all come together to understand the current regulations in place and how we can better enforce them.”

 “Safety is our top priority, and recent high profile bus crashes are concerning,” testified Alexander Keating, Director of Special Projects of the DOT. “With Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic death and serious injures for all streets user: pedestrians, cyclists and occupants of vehicles, including buses, the DOT is continually working to improve street design and traffic rules.”

Regarding the Queens accident, the driver of the tour bus, Raymond Mong had been fired by the MTA in 2015 for driving under the influence, but still managed to fine employment driving a bus. He die in the crash.

Keating testified that the Department of Transportation was willing to work with the bus industry to provide drivers the “need to drive safely and legally within the five boroughs” and maintain a strict employment rules in hiring. 

Photo by Brian Moreno

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