Which Rockette Is Made of Wax?


Madame Tussauds’ Rockette has a new wardrobe this year.

Standing before a giant Christmas tree in the lobby of the wax museum in Times Square, the wax figurine of a Rockette was unveiled in a Santa-themed costume for this year.

Four Rockettes from Radio City took a break from practicing their high kicks and energetic dances to present the new outfit.

Stationed in the lobby near the entrance, the figurine was clad in red velvet with a faux white fur collar. Swarovski crystals decorated the waistband in a cascading pattern like Christmas lights drapings over a tree.

Under the jacket was a white turtleneck with a crystal studded choker shining brightly shining under the building’s lights. Silver Mary-Jane heels decorated the figure’s feet and a small hat with holly leaves adorned her neatly pulled back hair.

This year’s costume was made to represent the Christmas season with a Santa theme.

The seasonal outfit debuted in 1982 and was created by costume designer Pete Menefee, whose costume work covers shows such as “Jubilee!” and “The Hollywood Palace”.

Last year’s outfit was a costume designed by Alejo Vietti bearing a black jacket with a fur collar over a glittery knee-length black dress made of sequins.

“It represents the love for Christmas time and our love of performing everyday,” said Elizabeth Sousek, a Rockette who has been performing for 11 years. “It motivates us to keep us going because we do approximately 200 shows per season. This is the most iconic costume and brings joy to the audience.”

Madame Tussaud’s Rockette figurine debuted in 2006 and was modeled after Kandice Pelletier, a former Rockette. According to Blaine McCurry, the communications director for Merlin Entertainment, the figurine was made out of a mixture of Japanese wax and beeswax. “Each hair on her is human hair and was ethically sourced,” said McCurry. “It took six weeks to insert each of them in.”

According to Sousek, the outfit brings joy to the audiences and help promote their annual show, “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular”.

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