Weiner Ordered to Repay Campaign Funds


The New York City Campaign Finance Board voted on Thursday that former congressman Anthony Weiner’s campaign must pay almost $65,000 in fines for misuse of campaign funds, some of which went toward the phone service on which he was known to sext women.

During his 2013 failed run for mayor, Weiner, 52, used $2,308 off his funds for personal use; $1,539.04 towards dry cleaning and the rest to pay his mobile service

The 2013 campaign was derailed when it was revealed that Weiner – who left congress in 2011 amid his sexting revelations – continued to sext under the pseudonym Carlos Danger. He failed to secure the nomination after receiving less than five percent of the vote in the Democratic primary. Most recently, it was revealed that Weiner sexted a 15-year-old girl with his four-year-old son asleep in bed next to him.

Weiner’s estranged wife – and top Hillary Clinton aide – Huma Abedin separated from him after the most recent scandal. He returned to New York last week after spending a month at a ranch in Nashville in an attempt to wean off his life-altering habits.

Weiner received $1.6 million in taxpayer funds in 2013 and currently has $195,000 of those funds left – which he must return, the board decided.


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