Violence Again Mars Caribbean Celebration

By Nakia Copeland & Sigourney Sealey

Police on Tuesday still were searching for the suspects in one of the two deadly stabbings and a shooting that occurred after the West Indian Day parade on Monday.

The stabbing of 26-year old Nifredo Veras, a Bronx resident, took place in front of Sing Wah’s Kitchen Chinese food restaurant on St. John’s Place and Eastern Parkway. Veras was pronounced dead at Kings County hospital. Gabriel Hernandez, 21, of Brooklyn, N.Y. was arrested and faced charges of murder and criminal possession of an illegal weapon and stabbing the victim in the neck with a scissors.

Earlier, Mallinckrodt LeAndre, 27, of Monroe, N.Y. also was stabbed in the neck on Bedford and Eastern Parkway and also was pronounced dead at the hospital.The assailant fled

On Eastern Parkway near New York Avenue, a woman, 24, and man, 32, adidas neo as yet unidentified were both wounded by gunshots. The wounded woman was able to walk over to the police and inform them she had been shot. No suspect has been charged for the shooting. The injuries were no life=threatening.

The incidents served as a reminder of the violence that has plagued the parade over the past years.

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