Video & Audio Capture Erratic Acts by Hate Crime Murder Defendant


Video and audio shot by police officers showing the erratic behavior of the alleged gunman in a hate crime and murder of a gay man in the West Village was played in court on Thursday.

The video shot by New York City police officer Michael Morrin showed Elliot Morales, who allegedly shot and killed Mark Carson, licking and attempting to bang his head on the concrete after he was arrested. The video, which was dark, also showed another officer restraining Morales’ head, preventing him from banging it against the ground.

Audio recorded by fellow officer Demetrious Kola caught Morales’ saying, “I f—— shot him dead, diagnosis dead doctor.” A string of expletives Morales hurled at the police could also be heard on the recording.

Before the shooting, Carson was walking with his friend Danny Robinson, who testified earlier this week that Morales taunted them, calling the pair “gay wrestlers” and “faggots.”

Morrin and Kola were two of the four police officers who took the stand. All of the officer’s testimony was focused on Morales’ behavior after his arrest.

Morales, who is acting as his own lawyer, hinted at a possible insanity defense by asking all the officers on cross-examination, “By your standards does that look like normal behavior.”

Another video was shown in court earlier this week from a surveillance camera showing the confrontation between Carson and Morales.

In addition to facing the charge of murder as a hate crime, Morales faces a weapon possession charge.

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