Trial of Meat Cleaver Killer Ends in Deadlock

By Jermecia Edwards & Vanessa Walker

The trial of a schizophrenic man accused of murdering his psychiatrist with a meat cleaver in 2008 came to an end on Tuesday after the jury could not agree on a verdict and the judge declared a mistrial in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The mistrial extends to still another chapter a case that has dragged on for five years  since the defendant, David Tarloff, had undergone many psychiatric evaluations and delays in the effort to decide whether he was fit to stand trial. The defense doe not dispute the killing, pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

The jury had been deliberating for 10 days before the mistrial. free run 6 v2 femmes The deliberations apparently were stormy with bystanders often reporting yelling coming from the jury room

“I’m willing to say that we’re finished,” Judge Edward J. McLaughlin said finally after reading three notes in all from the panel saying they were deadlocked.

If convicted, Tarloff would serve life in prison.

Tarloff killed his psychiatrist, Dr. Kathryn Faughey,  and assaulted his former psychiatrist Dr. Kent D. Shinbach, after an attempt to rob Shinback for thousands of dollars in order, the defendant said, to take his mother out of a nursing home. Tarloff bashed Dr. Faughey’s head with a meat cleaver and stabbed her with a knife. She died instantly in her office in her Upper East Side office.

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. declared he would retry the case.

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