Trial Begins in Prospect Lefferts Gardens Shooting

By Edward King and Milette Millington

The trial of Joshua Richardson, charged with a second degree murder by Brooklyn prosecutors after he allegedly shot then 34-year-old Stanley Bolden two years ago, began on Thursday.

According to prosecutors, the now 30-year-old Richardson allegedly fired five rounds randomly from inside his apartment at 590 Maple St in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood. Official say Bolden was among people in an altercation in front of Richardson’s building.

Richardson allegedly attempted to dispose of the weapon he had used, but officers responding to the call found it nearby, in addition to the five shell casings from the weapon. Bolden survived the shooting and checked himself in shortly after to nearby Kings County Hospital, where he was treated for serious, but not life threatening, wounds. If sentenced, Richardson faces 15-25 years in prison.

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