Traffic Lights Installed at Dangerous Corner


The installation of new traffic lights and speeding cameras in Remsen Village is causing a stir amongst its residents.

Two hundred-fifty accidents were reported just in October 2012, according to Police Department records from the 67th precinct. Intersections that attracted the most accidents on the list were Clarendon Avenue and Kings Highway, Church and Remsen avenues, match supreme txt femmes Church Avenue and Kings Highway, Remsen Avenue and Kings Highway with four accidents for each, all located in Remsen Village.

In response, a new traffic light was installed on E. 53rd Street and Beverley Road and is the first light to be installed in the five streets in between the area’s two major roads, Kings Highway and Utica Ave, replacing a stop sign.

One resident recalls the ineffectiveness of the past stop sign on E. 53rd Street. “I got pulled over for a ticket for speeding through the stop sign,” said Patricia Bassit. “At least the light will prevent this from happening.”

Police Department records for the last month indicate that there have been no reported accidents on the intersection since the traffic light has gone up.

“I’m glad the light is up,” said a young local, Jonathan Madoo. “I remember one week, where was 3 accidents within that same week.”

Other residents expressed annoyance concerning the light. “It’s causing a lot of traffic build up,” said Brice Morgan. “I can’t get into my driveway right away because the cars are backed up so far ahead.”

Another resident repeated the same feelings. “There is a lot of noise now in the neighborhood,” said Genevive Pitter. “It was a lot more quiet before the light was installed.”

Other residents were indifferent. “Recently a car ran into the fence of a house near 53rd,” said Michelle Lewis. “I think the traffic light won’t prevent accidents.”

Traffic lights have also been installed along the Clarendon Ave strip of Holy Cross Cemetery.

“Back in the day they used to drag races along the cemetery,” said long time resident, Gertrude Anderson. new jordan “The new lights make me feel safer crossing the street in this neighborhood.”

A speeding camera is another traffic improvement to the area, installed on Kings Highway and Beverley Road. Still, it is apparent that despite the new traffic lights and speeding cameras there are still accidents in the area.

A tow truck is often seen parked on the intersection of Beverley Rd and E. 55th every day due to the rate of accidents along Kings Highway, according to residents.

Just two days ago at 2:20am, a deadly accident occurred on Kings Highway, near Snyder and Church Ave, killing two and injuring one according to police at the 46th precinct.

Last week on December 3rd, five children and two adults suffered minor injuries from an accident on the intersection of Church Avenue and Utica Avenue, according to police.

“It’s worse than a war zone in this area,” said Madoo. “People get either killed or injured every other day.” Madoo continued, “We live here by our own risk.”






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