Survivor of Brooklyn Gang Shooting Says He Chose Snitching Over Murder


The surviving victim of a gang shooting three years ago testified Tuesday in a Brooklyn courthouse that he did not want to identify his assailants but instead wanted to kill them himself.

The witness, Derrick Henry, who is in jail in an unrelated case, later changed his mind and decided to cooperate with authorities.

The defendants, Maurice Hall, 30, Andrew Smart, 28, and Raneiro Chavez, 24, were charged with firing 30 shots at rival gang members Antoine Stokes, 20, Steven Hill, 15, and Derrick Henry, also 15 at the time.

In his testimony, Henry recalled being at 217 Bainbridge Street with Stokes, 20, and Hill, 15, free run 3.0 v4 femmes and deciding to go down the block to get Chinese food together, then returning to eat on the apartment building stoop.

Henry said they were approached by air jordan 5 femmes the defendants who asked, “Are you Chaun City?” the name of a rival gang. Henry said no but Stokes said yes.

The hail of bullets the gang members released on Henry and his friends landed him in the hospital for three months when his kidney was removed.

Police officials at the time said the shooting was in retaliation for an earlier shooting.

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