Subway Sex Predator Gets 10 Years in Slammer


A convicted sex offender with a long rap sheet for subway lewdness was sentenced to ten years in prison and ten years probation in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday

Reggie Frank, 48,  who was found guilty in September on two counts of illegal weapons possession and one count of public lewdness,  had 26 prior convictions going back to 2006, when he was accused of attacking a woman who rejected his sexual advances.

The defendant has been arrested 20 times for public lewdness, including an incident in 2015 that went viral after one of his victims, Tiffany Jackson, captured and posted on Instagram pictures of the defendant as he exposed and manipulated himself in front her on an uptown 3 train. He got 90 days in that case.

The latest conviction stemmed from an incident on February 23, 2018 when a dozing passenger on a southbound R train awoke to find Frank sitting across from her and masturbating.  “It’s not fair what happened to me,” said the woman in a victim-impact statement read in the courtroom by a prosecutor. “I did everything as right as I could and I still met Reggie Frank, a man who almost took my life from me.”

The woman screamed in horror, prompting Frank to attack her with pepper spray, according to the indictment. He then slashed her hand with a knife and tried to gouge her eye out. The woman managed to turn the knife against him, stabbing him twice. “I remember him — his stench, his cruelty, his voice,” she continued in the statement. “I can’t even escape into the things I loved doing.”

At the sentencing Frank no remorse, blamed the victim for stabbing him and argued that he acted in self-defense.

“I think the police should of did better” he told Judge Evelyn Laporte, “I had no intention of harming anyone…I am not guilty of those assaults.”

His pleas fell on deaf ears.

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