Quinn Moves to Boost Local Small Businesses


City Council speaker Christine Quinn and the Bloomberg Administration announced Tuesday several measures to boost local small businesses, including abolishing automatic fines for violations and reducing regulatory burdens.

“The City is improving its customer service to the benefit of the economy,” said Quinn in a City Hall news conference.

One of the proposals stipulated that restaurants, for example, be given a warning before being fined for violations.

“They (the rules) minimize the red tape and emphasize customer service for City inspectors, free run 4.0 v2 femmes both essential steps in strengthening New York City’s business-friendly environment,” said Small Business Service Commissioner Robert W. Walsh

Farid Lancheros, owner of the Colombian/Pan-Latin restaurant Bogota Latin Bistro, was proud about creating 70 jobs in seven years with his small business. He was looking forward to increasing it to 700 jobs in the future. “I can do that much more easily with the assistance of the government rather then be hindered by the regulations,” said Lacheros.

“It is time for the City Council, in conjunction with the Mayor’s office, to uphold its duty to protect consumers across the City without overburdening entrepreneurs and small business owners,” said Council Member Diana Reyna.

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