Quinn Attacks Attack Ad

By Katelyn Hruby & Janet Digeronimo

In response to an attack-ad against her, mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn on Tuesday urged her fellow candidates  to disavow the use of outside money in the upcoming election.

Quinn also threatened to sue TV stations for running the ad from a recently formed political action committee named “New York City is Not for Sale.” She demanded that Cablevision and Time Warner Cable take the ad off the air.

“If we allow this, we allow the best public finance system in the country to be eroded,” said Council Speaker Quinn, who calls the ad “false” and “incorrect.

The commercial, featuring a table and chairs in a smoke-filled room, air jordan 3 femmes states that, “Virtually all of Catherine Quinn’s decisions were made in rooms just like this with her friends in the one percent.”

The ad accuses Quinn of being on the wrong side of the living-wage issue, paid sick leave and term limits.

Quinn’s campaign has tried to connect the ad to one of her Democratic competitors, Bill de Blasio citing his close-ties with Steve Nislick, president of the animal-rights group NYCLASS, one supporter of the PAC.

De Blasio has denied any connection to the ad. “People are expressing their anger,” he said to a group of reporters. “Everything I saw in the ad seems accurate to me.”

Time Warner Cable and Cablevision executives said they were studying Quinn’s request to remove the ad. Meanwhile it continue to air.



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