Protestors on Stump Lump Walmart with Trump


Anti-Trump protesters rallied Thursday in front of Trump Tower to accuse the retail giant Walmart of sharing the values of the Republican presidential candidate by selling his merchandise both in stores and online.

In the pouring rain, several organizations crowded the street in front of the controversial developer’s Midtown citadel to make their voices heard less than two weeks before the election.

“Dump Trump, dump Walmart!”they shouted.

“Donald Trump, you are arguably the most dangerous, the most ill-qualified person to ever run for president in the United States of America,” one protester said. “You are a billionaire, you are a bully, and you willed your power to hurt your community.”

In July, the same groups assembled there urging Walmart to stop their endorsement of Trump with petitions and actions across the country, but to no avail.

“Dear Donald, I vow to continue to discriminate against pregnant workers, disabled workers and African American workers,” said one of the women wearing Walmart’s signature smile face mask. “I vow to continue dragging down wages, by paying all of my workers poorly so that they have to rely on billions of taxpayer dollars for public subsidies.”

Another protestor upbraided Walmart for allegedly exploiting black and Latino workers.”Your scaling back dollars have negatively impacted us,” the protestor, an African-American, said. “It has ripped dollars from our community.”

The protestors argued that both Trump and Walmart make billions of dollars off the backs of hard working people.

Walmart Free NYC director Audrey Sasson led the protest. “This time around people seem a lot more agitated and are more concerned and outraged at what’s going on. I think the stakes are really high,” she said.

“We fight for our collective liberation, for an end to corporate and state violence which is disproportionately affects communities of color,” another protestor said. “We’re opposed to this union and we call on Walmart to dump Trump and end this unholy alliance.”

David Phillips, of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union called the alleged bond between Walmart and Trump “a match made in hell.”

Walmart representatives could not be reached for comment.

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