Proposal to Hook Up Buses and Ferries in Red Hook


New York City Councilman Carlos Menchaca vowed on Thursday to create a “one seat ride” from Red Hook to lower Manhattan, by improving bus and ferry service and with an eye to climate change.

During a press conference, Menchaca proposed to add a B61 bus stop at Red Hook’s NYC Ferry stop, as well as creating a new stop on the 9 express buses that drive through the heart of Red Hook to the Hugh Carey Tunnel, making transportation to Manhattan more accessible.

“We need multiple ways for residents to go in and out of our communities,” Menchaca said.  “The dangers of climate change are real and our community continues to be impacted. That is why we have to do everything that we are doing on transportation. Any capital improvement that we do must be to the lens of resiliency.”

“Red Hook has been a transit desert for too long,” said Eric McClure, a representative of Street Pac, a political action committee dedicated to cultivating the safety and accessibility of New York City’s streets.

“It’s time to put Red Hook on the transit map,” Menchaca said. “So our residents have better access to jobs, education, healthcare amenities and all our city has to offer.”

Photo of Councilman Menchaca by Paulette Gindi

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