Photos Tell Jurors Gory Story


A Brooklyn jury was shown photos of two bullet holes in a Brooklyn teenager’s head as his alleged killer sat frowning with his hands on his head Thursday in the hushed courtroom.

Malik Streat, now 17, appeared in court for the murder of Darnell Wilkerson, 18, who was shot near a Brooklyn high school in East New York on Jan. 13. The jury was shown autopsy photos and surveillance footage which showed a large group of people walking around and suddenly running. There was no clear view of Streat or Wilkerson in the video.

Det. Christopher Florio told the jury that two empty shells were found on the street along with one deformed bullet, while Wilkerson’s cell phone lay next to a pool of blood.

Another witness, Jessica Tarry, a criminologist, said she tested the fingerprint found on the magazine cartridge but found it indistinct and was unable to use it.

Streat was one of three suspects arrested shortly after the shooting and was charged with second-degree murder, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon

Wilkerson, a recent high school graduate, was walking near Pennsylvania and Livonia Aves when he was shot, surrounded by students who were just dismissed from school.  Another teenager, John Trinidad, 17, was shot in his right shoulder but survived. Police said the shooting may have been gang-related, though his friends and family said he was planning on going to college.

Streat faces 25 years to life if convicted.

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