City Councilman Donovan Richards Jr. and State Senator James Sanders Jr. marked the installation of new security cameras at the Hammel Houses in Far Rockaway Tuesday.

Sanders sponsored a $1 million project for the New York City Housing Authority development, insuring residents of the security of 140 closed circuit cameras.

“There is something fundamentally wrong in our society when our children and our elders can’t come outside because they are scared of stray bullets passing their heads, or taking their lives,” said Richards.

Sanders said his vision was to make the Rockaways safer. He also announced plans for the installation of security cameras at the nearby Redfern Houses.

air jordan 4 femmes “Our councilman will make sure that the dream we fought for doesn’t take the four years that it took to bring in for Hammel,” said Sanders.

Residents,however, were not impressed with the new installation.

“We have had cameras installed before and they never worked, crimes were still committed,” said a resident who declined to be identified.

Richards also sponsored two other projects costing $2 million dollars installing cameras at the Beach 41st Street Houses and the Ocean Bay Apartments.