Media Arts Center Set for Dumbo Area

By Alyson Kaufman

Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a project in Brooklyn on Tuesday, intended to maintain New York’s position as the media capital of the world in the digital age.

“We can’t take our position as the world’s media capital for granted, because the way media is produced and consumed is changing dramatically,” said Mayor Bloomberg of the new facility, ‘Made in NY’ Media Center in DUMBO. “Media creators and tech companies have a lot to gain from a strong, collaborative working relationship – and New York City will reap the benefits of that partnership in the form of job creation and global competitiveness.”

When it opens for business next May, the center was designed to provide 18,000 square feet of learning, networking, screening and development space for professionals from a number of media industries, including film, television, advertising, social media, gaming and marketing.

The space provides for a range of needs, including short-term rental work areas, community workspaces during the day for individuals, extended rental workspaces for two and three person firms, and post-production sites.

In addition to development space, the center also would provide community and classroom spaces, conference rooms, café, media arts gallery, and a 98-seat screening and multimedia room.

“The most important thing to know is that our new trans-media center will create something we all understand is crucial,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “And that is more jobs.”

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