Lynne Patton Continues to Steal the Spotlight in NYC

By Carolann Lowe


Lynne Patton, the New York/New Jersey regional administrator for the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, is becoming quite a public figure in New York City. She has been attracting television and newspaper attention as she resides in one public housing development after the other.

On Friday, Patton, with ties to President Donald Trump and his family, will be in the city’s eye again. She will participate in a Town Hall meeting with NYCHA residents at Grace Methodist Church, at 125 West 104th St. in Manhattan.

Patton is perceived as controversial due to her close affiliation and history with the Trump family. Prior to her position as administrator for HUD, she was an event planner for the Trump family. Patton was responsible for the planning of Eric Trump’s wedding as well as helping to run the Trump Foundation.

On Thursday Patton traveled to Washington, D.C., to make an appearance at a National African American History Month celebration. She made the trip with NYCHA tenant Carmen Quiñones. According to HUD, the visit was “at the invitation of The White House.”

Patton’s visit to NYCHA properties follows HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s announcement of a Washington-appointed monitor, to oversee the city agency. The new monitor has not been officially announced, but there were reports on Thursday that it would be ex prosecutor Bart M. Schwartz.

Schwartz is affiliated with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo.

NYCHA’s hardships have been blaring loudly over recent months and years. On Thursday it was reported that NYCHA’s Bronx River Houses has two cases of Legionnaires’ Disease. Conditions such as this will be in the province of the soon-to-be-named NYCHA monitor.

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