Justice Delayed — Again — in Murder Case


The long saga of a former fugitive, accused of murder by running over his girlfriend in a drunken rage nearly two decades ago, got even longer on Thursday as the case was again delayed.

Jose Aguilar, 49, appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court expecting to face trial for a murder that he allegedly committed 17 years ago.  He was arrested last October on unrelated charges of forcible touching in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

On July 10, 1996, Aguilar allegedly and repeatedly drove his car over Maria Guayllasca, then 28, following an argument in their Morningside Heights apartment. He immediately fled to Ecuador but slipped back into the country in 2005.

Aguilar, walking with a wooden cane, moved slowly and with a slight limp into the courtroom.  An unidentified woman and two officers aided him. Family members consisting of one woman and three men sat in the second row.

His defense attorney, an elderly man with white hair, glasses, gray sports jacket and slightly wrinkled tan slacks went before Judge Ronald A. Zweibel who appeared upset with him because the motion lacked preparation.  The case was rescheduled for March 7.






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