Jury in Attempted Rape Case Ponders Erectile Dysfunction Defense


Deliberations continued for the third day in the trial of a Manhattan attorney accused of attempted rape and sexual abuse who argued the charges against him were impossible as he suffers from erectile dysfunction.

The prosecution alleges that IP litigator Dan Nelson after meeting a woman at an East Village bar led her back to his Midtown office in August 2014. According to the indictment Nelson lured the accuser into his quarters and after repeatedly calling her grandmother a whore, forced himself on her atop a foldout bed in his firm’s conference room.

“He pulls her down on the bed, pushes her backward and pins her down with his body weight and suddenly his fingers are inside her.” Assistant DA Maxine Rosenthal said in her opening statement.

“The woman told him, ‘No! Stop!’ He tried to force her to have sex with him while she repeatedly said no.”

Nelson allegedly replied: “You want me to stop? I’m going to f- -k you so hard!”

Earlier in the trial, defense attorney Timothy Parlatore said that the Murphy bed where the accuser said the incident occurred could only withstand 220 pounds, setting us this interplay with the her:

“At the time you weighed 215 pounds?” Parlatore said.

To which she replied, “Yes.”

Nelson also weighed 215 pounds at the time, Parlatore noted, implying that the bed would have collapsed under their weights.

Testifying in his own defense on Monday Nelson said, “She said to me, ‘is there a problem?’ I got upset. I thought she was taunting me because I couldn’t get an erection.”

He also said that he did not take his Viagra on the evening in question. However police discovered a Viagra pill in Nelson’s pocket on the night of the incident, the evidence indicated.

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