Juror Faints at Autopsy Photos


A juror fainted and was sent to the hospital during a showing of gruesome autopsy photos at the so-called “Womb Raider” trial in a Bronx courthouse Thursday.

The juror suddenly passed out as the courtroom spectators viewed graphic images projected of the victim Angelikque Sutton’s heavily butchered lifeless body during testimony by a medical examiner.

Some of the disturbing images were of the victim removed uterus, placenta and umbilical cord and countless severe stab wounds to her neck, face, and hands allegedly inflicted by defendant Ashleigh Wade who is accused of butchering the pregnant woman on her wedding day. Prosecutors say the defendant wanted to keep the unborn child alive

According the medical examiner, many of Sutton’s injuries to her neck were fatal as blood supply to her vital structures were cut and enough to kill her before the baby was removed from Sutton’s body.

Judge Margaret L. Clancy noticed that the unidentified Juror 7 had her head down and called  a recess. As the other jurors exited the courtroom the mature woman stayed in her seat, apparentlyunconscious. . A court officer rushed over to try to wake her, but she did not respond.

The courtroom was cleared out to allow medical attention to the juror and the trial was adjourned until Friday morning.

The alleged killer did not look at the photos as they were being shown. Wade was wearing a blue and white striped short sleeved shirt and khaki pants as she sat silently next  to her attorney Amy Attias.

Wade is accused of  the brutal act in her Bronx home  on November 20, 2015 after inviting Sutton over supposedly to give her a wedding gift. Sutton was set to wed the child’s father on the same day

The child Jenasis, survived the ordeal and is now living with her father, Patrick Bradley.

Wade faces life in prison if found guilty.

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