From Riches to (Prison) Rags


A would-be entrepreneur jailed since last July for the sale of prescription drugs and the attempted sale of an illegal firearm began officially serving her four-year jail sentence on Tuesday.

Jennifer Sultan, 38, pleaded guilty last month in exchange for a reduction of a possible sentence of 15 years to life. Since her arrest in July, she has remained in jail because she could not raise the $85,000 in bail.

Sultan was convicted for the sale of prescription painkillers  free run 5.0 femmes five times from February to June of 2012 to an undercover detective who tracked her via an online advertisement she had placed on Craigslist. Around that time a text message was traced from Sultan’s cellphone to Ivan Chavez, the accused ringleader of an organization that sold stolen guns and medication, offering to sell a .357 Magnum handgun for $850.

Sultan’s prospects for a promising career soured quickly.

In 2000, Sultan was a recent New York University graduate who with several partners sold a start-up company, Live Online, for $70 million, of which she got roughly $ 260,000.

Most of Sultan’s lavish lifestyle was backed by credit as shown by court papers when she and former boyfriend Adam Cohen filed for bankruptcy in 2010. The couple lived in a loft on East 17th Street valued at $6 million.

Sultan could be released in two years with good behavior and time served.

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