Flowers, Candy and a Vaccine for Westchester Moms


County Executive George Latimer  on Thursday urged Westchester residents to “show love to their mothers” by inviting them to get vaccinated at Westchester Community College on Mother’s Day weekend.

“I do think that you can show your mom that you love her, and you can say mom when I was a little boy you took me to get vaccinated so come on down for mother’s day let’s make sure you’re safe, protected,” he said.

The Mother’s Day event was scheduled for Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the college gymnasium.

“If you do have a mom who has not been vaccinated yet this is a great opportunity,” Latimer added. He jokingly suggested that the vaccine is not meant to be a substitute for flowers or candy.

“In addition to giving her the gift of a vaccine, get her a real gift for Sunday, maybe you go to the Sunday market at Irvington,” continued Latimer.

He announced that appointments could be made online through the county’s website where all the information regarding the event was available.

Westchester County, like many local areas,  has seen a sharp decline of infections due to the increase of vaccinations.

“The total number of vaccines given out in Westchester is about 350,00 which is very good, ‘said the County Executive.
“Our mission is to vaccinate as many people as we can to protect us from the spread of the virus.”

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