Ex-Cop’s Exes Echo: He Admitted Killing Wife


Yet another ex-girlfriend testified that he confessed to killing his wife.

Amanda Shulman, 32, told the jury at Bronx Supreme Court Tuesday that Eddy Coello confessed to her that he ‘snapped’ and killed his wife. The confession came the morning after the wife Tina Adovasio disappeared, she added.

“I’m going to confess something to you. I did this. I don’t want you to defend me,” Coello said, according to Shulman.

Shulman said that Coello came to her house the night of his wife’s disappearance, but did not speak about the murder until the morning.

This is the second testimony about a confession in what seems to be an apparent string of confessions that Coello made following his wife’s disappearance. Last week Monica Rodriguez told the jury that Coello had called her and confessed the murder to her at 2 am. Rodriguez and Coello have a 19-year- old daughter.

Shulman also said that she and Coello went to his mother’s house after he confessed to her, where he told his family that he was going to “need their support” and that he wanted Shulman to take care of his children.’

Shulman and Coello had dated for six months in 2000, when they met in physician assistant school

The 38-year-old former housing cop, who resigned from the force in 2000 during a domestic violence investigation with another ex-girlfriend, was arrested last March after the body of Tina Adovasio was found along the southbound wooded area of the Taconic Parkway. The autopsy found that she was strangled and had trauma on her head and chest.

Last week, prosecutors showed several text messages that Adovasio sent to her husband, telling him that she could not ‘take it anymore” and was filing for divorce and that he should get a lawyer.

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