Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday announced the appointment of three heads of department and the reappointment of a director from the Bloomberg administration, all in areas of finance and construction.

Appointed as commissioner of Design and Construction was Dr. Feniosky Pena-Mora, as director of the mayor’s office of contract services was Lisette Camilo, as finance commissioner was Jacques Jiha. The reappointed official was David Ehrenberg, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard,

“They play a crucial role in the city government,” Deblasio said of the appointees. “They make sure the money we use is used efficiently.”

Jiha is tasked with the city’s property tax assessment, budget and debt management. Of Haitian descent he is a leader with more than 25 years of experience in public finance.

He worked as a parking lot attendant and never dreamed of seeing himself in his new position. “New York has exceeded all my expectations and this position gives me the opportunity to give back to my city that given so much to me,” Jiha said.

“We have a lot of unfairness in equity and people have to feel that they are treated equally,” Jiha said. “We are going to put in place practices that give people confidence in their city.”

Ehrenberg has been on staff for eight months. Raised in Brooklyn, he promised to provide job opportunities for New Yorkers. “Our employment center will continue to work to make these job opportunities accessible to all New Yorker,” he said.

“I know she is the right person for the job as director ofthe mayor’s office of contract services” Deblasio said of Lisette Camillo. Camilo, an experienced New York City government attorney said, “I am committed to keeping this system performing to the highest standards and open the doors of opportunity.”

Doctor Pena-Mora is a leading engineer with experience in managing infrastructure and construction projects in New York and around the world. Pena-Mora is responsible for the building, renovating and constructing municipal facilities.

“We hope to build a new generation of streets, public works and buildings that weave our diverse communities,” Mora said.