Crooked Investment Guru Sent to Prison


The party is over for the charming Vero Beach bartender and former Manhattan investment advisor Glenn Schwarzkopf as he was sentenced to prison on Tuesday for grand larceny and other charges.

Well dressed but comfortable in blue jeans and a charcoal grey shirt, Schwarzkopf, who had taken a previously offered plea deal, stood with trepidation before the judge

“I knew my acts were wrong and criminal,” said Schwarzkopf from a statement he prepared to read before his sentencing.

Schwarzkopf’s self-reflection came too late as he had no trouble embezzling over $i million from an elderly client.

The money was used to pay his personal credit card which funded a luxurious lifestyle that included liquor, travel expenses and a stay at a luxury hotel in South Beach, Florida.

“When I committed these acts I was greedy, I was greedy when I committed the crime,” said Schwarzkopf. “I was arrogant. I thought I was smarter than everyone and that I wouldn’t get caught. I thought it was a victimless crime because no one was physically injured.”

The judge made clear that is was not a victimless crime. He took little pity on the former investment advisor as he handed down prison time for his crimes.

Schwarzkopf received two and a third to seven years for grand larceny, one to three years for tax fraud and one to three years for offering a false instrument for filing.

In addition to prison time, Schwarzkopf was ordered to pay $128,000 to the Department of Taxation and Finance.

“I am deeply sorry for my crime,” said Schwarzkopf. “I will spend my time in prison earning back the respect I lost chasing ill-gotten gains.”

When led out of the courtroom, Schwarzkopf looked over to his family who sat huddled together and made the universal hand sign for “I love you” and in response his family signed it back along with the peace sign.

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