Council Group Votes More Funds for BID’s


 A City Council committee voted on Tuesday to increase the annual expense budget of ten Business Improvement Districts by 40 percent.

The Committee of Finance, led by Chairwoman Julissa Ferreras, unanimously voted to increase the BID budget after ten different districts requested it, including 34th St, 47th St, Myrtle Ave. in Brooklyn and Sunnyside Shines in Queens.

The vote would raise the annual collective funds of $14 million by nearly $2 million, allowing improvements through the various districts including costs covering sanitation, rent and community projects.

A public hearing at City Hall was scheduled for December 8, giving all persons interested the chance to voice their opinion on the legislation.

The resolution requires the District Management Association of each of the ten BIDs to publish a notice in a newspaper stating the time, date and location of the hearing, no fewer than ten day before the date it is set to take place.


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