It has been a tough year for food businesses due to COVID-19. One of the top fast-food franchises took a big hit financially last year during the pandemic. It scrambled for ways to get back on track. And it’s making it.

Nathan’s has long been one of the most active and well-known places to kick back during the summer. Its outlet in Coney Island is part of New York City history.

Nathans put out a statement last year saying that its businesses took a big hit due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The franchise had to close all its restaurants due to lack of customers.

The most famous branch is at the corner of Surf and Coney Island Aves. in Brooklyn. It’s a place many tourists go when they visit New York. To relax and get a some of the best fried foods that the city has to offer.

Nathan’s reopened this summer. Often the lines are so long that hungry, anxious hot got-lovers have to keep looking at their watches.

One of the workers spoke of how Nathan’s was affected over the course of the pandemic, and the recent storm (Ida) that hit the wider New York area. The storm did not greatly affect Coney Island. But, for sure, the pandemic did.

“Well, it’s been very difficult, business [was] very slow,” said Junaid Khan, 22.

He added the workers like him have been especially hard hit. “Here at Nathan’s, this being a seasonal job, it affected many of the workers financially as they were not able to be paid which, put a financial burden on them as well.”

But things have been upbeat recently.

Junaid commented, “Well, it’s a joy to work here. You meet such great people and I love coming to work every day and interacting with people and my colleagues have also been a joy to work with and the business has been busy. Customers rain in all day long and it keeps us busy. I’m Just glad to be back at work.”

The fast-food eating spot is making every effort to get back on track financially. So far, the Coney Island Nathan’s branch is doing very well and recovering financially and looks to continue getting its delicious hotdogs and French fries into the mouths of hungry tourists and New Yorkers.