Bushwick Residents Frustrated from Noise from New Nightclubs

Boobie Trap Bar. Photo Credit: Paul Wagtouicz


Bushwick residents’ frustration peaked on Halloween night when ongoing anger over loud music from local nightclubs hit a new high. The neighborhood has been known for its bars and clubs, but recently their number has increased in residential areas.

Halloween is a time when many people dress up, go out to events, and have a good time. But that good time can disturb those who live nearby. Those who have lived in Bushwick for many years may be used to loud music on the weekends. But the recent rise of nightclubs near apartments can be hard on people who are new to the neighborhood or can’t tolerate loud sounds. Residents living in close quarters to these entertainment venues often find it challenging to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted night’s sleep. The blaring music and revelry from the nightclubs can not only be an ongoing source of frustration but can also have adverse effects on the overall quality of life.

Daniel Torres, a resident of Bushwick, expressed his love for Halloween and all the festivities that come with it. But this past Tuesday was as noisy as it can get. He added that he couldn’t sleep the whole night, and even after getting home at 2 am, the music continued all the way until he had to wake up for work at 7 am. Daniel also added that those who attend the nightclubs have caused other problems..

“You know, Bushwick is known for their nightclubs and bars so I’m not really surprised that there is an increase of them,” Torres said. “What I do know is that the people that attend those nightclubs sometimes are there to cause trouble. I once was walking to work at 5am and saw splashes of fresh blood inches away from a bar’s entrance.”

Noise pollution can lead to increased stress levels, sleep disturbances, and even health issues. Furthermore, during special occasions like Halloween, when celebrations tend to be even more loud, the disturbance can be even more pronounced. Striking a balance between the vibrant nightlife that Bushwick is known for and the residents’ need for a tranquil living environment is a challenging but essential consideration for the neighborhood’s community and policymakers.

“I’m Christian so I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I don’t mind if others do,” said Christina, a Spanish speaking resident, “What I do mind is my sleep being disturbed and this halloween night was one of those days where I couldn’t sleep the whole time.”

Near Christina’s apartment, there are two nightclubs that opened this year. Between 2020 and 2023, she has witnessed several small businesses closing down while nightclubs, bars, and lounges have opened. In just three years, she finds herself surrounded by at least six of them.

There are some businesses that warn customers against disrupting the neighborhood. For instance, when the Luv Story Bar opened on Hancock Street, the owners posted flyers to inform neighbors about their commitment to maintaining a peaceful environment. These flyers were taped on poles and announced the bar’s opening and its request for attendees to avoid causing problems for others.

“I don’t think nightclubs should be located so close to apartments, and I don’t even believe basement nightclubs should exist, to be honest” Christina said. “It disrupts people’s sleep schedules.”