BCN: Fall 2012 Episode

From TVRA 4728 (TV News Reporting), Fall 2012.

In this episode:

1. Finding the Bright Side of Hurricane Sandy Recovery in Staten Isnad
2. Women’s Studies: Where the Boys Aren’t
3. First-Generation American Students Juggle Cultures on Campus
4. Holiday Consumption and Advertising

Reporters/Producers: Endeshia Bryan, Aurelie Diese, Sophia Molieur, Melanie Montalvo, Shereeda Nelson, Mustapha Olatilewa, Jonathan Pariente, Emmy Perry, Nila Popal, Fatima Qadeer, Ashley Ramsay, Namik Revinov, and Kristina Rivera.

Production assistance provided by John Anderson, Rob Weinstein and Bernice Wooden.


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