Another Step Toward ‘Vision Zero’ Unveiled on 96th St.


City officials unveiled on Tuesday the redesigned 96th Street and Broadway intersection in Manhattan with increased pedestrian crossing time and reduced speed limits that echoed Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero traffic safety program.

The intersections were redesigned after two fatalities in January and several pedestrian injuries between 2008 and 2012.

“Our goal is to target every hotspot in our communities and get to it as soon as we can,” said New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg.

The DOT and Community boards have developed 50 citywide safety plans and so far implemented eight. Some of the changes included larger pedestrian areas, restrictions on left turn, reduced speed limits, and improved signal patterns.

“Vision Zero is becoming more visible and tangible to New Yorkers citywide,” Trottenberg said. “These critical investments help redefine how we all share and use our streets.”

Cracking down on pedestrian cell phone usage while crossing intersections and making drivers yield at crosswalks constitute some of the key components of Vision Zero’s project for citywide safety.

“Officers are targeting people who are violating the new plans set in place,” said New York Police Chief of Transportation Thomas Chan.

“City agencies are working together to make streets safer in all five boroughs,” Chan added. Pedestrians and motorists who fail to adhere to the new plans will be fined with cash penalties or have points deducted from their license.”

“We are working with all the community boards and DOT to find out the hotspots and see what measures are being taken,” said Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer.

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