Alec Baldwin’s Command Performance on Witness Stand


Actor Alec Baldwin testified on Tuesday that his alleged stalker harassed him and his family and sent him hundreds of emails threatening to find him wherever he went.

“I knew we were in a new ballgame, I knew she was dangerous,” said Baldwin on the witness stand in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Baldwin testified that the defendant, Genevieve Sabourin, even followed him to a show at Radio City Music Hall where he had to call security and police and have her removed.

“I told them [the authorities] that she was a stalker,” said Baldwin.

Sabourin, a Canadian actress, continuously interrupted Baldwin’s testimony with sarcastic comments, prompting the judge to scold her. When Baldwin’s wife Hilaria later took the stand the defendant renewed her interruptions. Even after a warning by the judge that if she didn’t stop she would be held in contempt, Sabourin continued to yell out. After most statements by Hilaria Baldwin, Sabourin shouted “allegedly,” and started clapping and sighing.

An officer who was present during the Radio City incident testified that Baldwin appeared annoyed during the altercation, to which Sabourin yelled out “He’s an actor.”

The defendant was overheard scolding her lawyer for not defending her reputation.

Sabourin met Baldwin on the set of “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” a 2002 sci-fi comedy that featured Baldwin, and where Sabourin worked as a publicist. She is charged with two counts of aggravated harassment and related charges after being arrested in 2012 outside of Baldwin’s Manhattan apartment.

Sabourin said that she is just seeking “closure” after having had dinner and a sexual relationship with the actor in 2010. Baldwin countered that the dinner was simply professional and denies having sex with the defendant.

Baldwin is best known for his role on the hit NBC sitcom, “30 Rock.” He alleges that many of Sabourin’s threats included hunting him down on the set of the show, which filmed at Silvercup Studios in Queens.

Baldwin says Sabourin sent him threats that said, “I will come to Silvercup, I will get inside Silvercup, I will get inside of your apartment, I will get inside your building, I will get inside of your place of work.”

Baldwin said he asked her several times to leave him alone and tried to give her hints through his language that he was not interested. He explained that this situation was difficult because many times Sabourin was emailing him from Canada, and since it was an international situation he couldn’t just call the police to arrest her.

Photo of Genevieve Sabourin by Getty Images

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