Accused Sex Criminal Pleads Not Guilty


A 26-year-old delivery man pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to accusations of a sexual assault against a woman in a Stuyvesant Town elevator last month.

Juan Scott of Manhattan was accused of various charges, including sexual abuse and sexually motivated burglary, involving sexual misconduct against two other women over the past five months.

Scott was arrested after he allegedly followed a 20-year-old woman into her apartment building on Friday, Oct. 17, abound 4 a.m., according to the police reports.

Following his arrest three days later, two other women accused him of forcible sex, one of them involving a former girlfriend in September.

Assistant DA Brendan Tracy said that, if found guilty, Scott faced up to 20 years in prison for the three assaults.

The defendant appeared before State Supreme Court Judge Thomas Farber and requested a future hearing

Scott, who lived a block away from the building where the East 14st incident occurred, was scheduled to return to court on January 27.

Surveillance video shows the East Village resident entering the building’s lobby, walking right behind the alleged victim. The video then cuts to the elevator camera, where Scott can be seen approaching the woman in a black dress.

The video cuts again to Scott rushing out the door of the lobby where he was seen in the first part of the video.


Prosecutors of the case told reporters there is surveillance video to support the accusations of the third woman, who put charges against Scott for an incident in June 2.


“There is a great deal of evidence against this defendant,” Tracy said.

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