Accused Child-Killer Appears in Court


The nanny charged with the fatal stabbing of two children whom she cared for appeared for a
hearing in a Manhattan court on Thursday, looking tiny and frail.

Yoselyn Ortega, 52, arrived in court wearing tan prison garb with her head down and
handcuffed. After appearing to postpone the hearing, Ortega waved goodbye to an unidentified
woman sitting in the crowd.

Ortega plead not guilty in 2014 to the killings of six-year-old Lucia Krim and two-year-old
Leo Krim. She was found in the bathroom of the family’s Upper West Side apartment next to children with her throat
slit in and apparent suicide attempt on October 25, 2012.

Ortega was hospitalized after the killings and evaluated for mental illness. Justice Gregory
Carro ruled that she was mentally fit for trial back in 2013 after being interviewed by two state

According to court papers released in 2014, Ortega used two knives to kill the children then
turned the knives on herself. She says she was overworked and underpaid by the Krims and
expressed regret for her actions.

The children’s parent Kevin and Marina Krim have started a nonprofit to cope with the loss of
their children. Thus far they have been private about the incident.

The new hearing date was set for April 14 in Manhattan Supreme Court.

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