Winner Says $99 Million is Great, Being Healthy is Greater

photo: Nandlall Mangal receiving his check. Credit: Hannah Grossman

By Hannah Grossman

“I can’t believe it’s me,” said Nandlall Mangal, the 42-year-old Poweball winner from Staten Island.

Mangal decided to buy a ticket at his local Stop and Shop on Hyland Boulevard because he had learned that the pot was over $100 million. The winning numbers, 05, 43, 56, 62, 68, 24, were iced on a congratulatory cake that was presented to Mangal from Stop and Shop corporate.

He appeared shy before the cameras and was hesitant to answer personal questions that would reveal information about his family and his hometown. While he smiled for cameras onlookers looked in awe and one man remarked, “We’re all jealous.”

“I haven’t told anyone yet,” Mangal said. He anticipated that his family would laugh at him when they found out that he won. Mangal said that plans to use some of the funds to travel to Hawaii and pay his bills.

As of right now Mangal plans to continue working, but he said that he will definitely not be showing up to work the next day. “Right now I just plan to relax and see where it goes from there,” he said.

The large check was presented by Yolanda Vega who said that Mangal will not be walking away with the full amount. Taking into account the taxes, he will get about $99 million.

The funds raised by lottery purchases are used specifically for the education budget in New York City. Last year the lottery accounted for about $1.3 billion dollars for education in the five boroughs.

As a new millionaire Mangal still believes that money is not the most important thing. “It’s health,” he said as he walked away from the crowd escorted by the owner of the Queens casino.

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