A trial date was set for September 24th in Manhattan Supreme Court for two union leaders of a minority labor coalition who were accused of extorting money and jobs from builders in the construction industry.

Union leader David Rodriguez and his associate, Daryll Jennings of the United Hispanic Construction Workers allegedly have been running a criminal enterprise for over 17 years, in which, according  to the indictment, the defendants threatened builders into hiring contractors who weren’t needed.  In some cases, builders were forced into paying for fake security, labor peace or protection from other labor coalitions.

Rodriguez, 54 and Daryl Jennings, 50, were arraigned on charges on enterprise corruption in the first degree and Grand Larceny in 2011.

“ I will see your defendants bright and early on September 24, as the case will go into trial,” said Judge Jill Konviser.

The defendant’s attorney, Murray Richman pushed the judge to postpone a trial date but the Judge insisted to move forward with the case. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Photo: David Rodriguez