By Lauren Keating

A September 25 trial date was set on Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court for Brooklyn teen Amauri Azcona who is charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, assault and strangulation near City Hall.

Azcona’s icy stare didn’t crack when Judge Thomas A. Farber hinted that the 17-year-old could face the full 11-year sentence if found guilty.

Police arrested Azcano six months ago charging that he attacked a 28-year-old woman, dragging her by the throat down the dark Theatre Alley, near Park Row and Beekman Street in Lower Manhattan on April 14 just before 5 a.m.

Azcona allegedly threw the victim to the ground, pulling off her pants while telling her not to scream. The woman’s cries were heard by nearby construction workers who came to the rescue, subduing the alleged assailant.

After the Judge announced the prospect of Azcona serving 11 years behind bars, Azcona’s lawyer Kevin M. Canfield reminded Judge Farber that this was the defendant’s first offense and that he was a minor. Judge Farber stood by his statement after some moments of contemplation.

“We will be ready, Judge,” Canfield said after the trial date was confirmed.

Casually dressed in a white, baggy t-shirt over a tank top, the teenager was escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

“The conviction seems a little strict to me,” Canfield said outside the courtroom.