Teen Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Bus Driver


A teenage girl charged with second-degree assault of an MTA bus driver and a passenger two years ago after she was not allowed to take her chihuahua on the bus changed her plea to guilty in a Bronx court Tuesday.

Defendant Steangeli Medina, now 19, was convinced by her attorney to take the plea, which includes six months in jail, five years probation and anger management classes.

Medina was 17 when the attack occurred, leaving bus driver Marlene Bien-Aime, 49, hospitalized with a black eye, facial cuts, chest injuries and damaged vision. Bien-Ame has been out of work for a year.

Medina sat impassively in court, but her family her mother muttered loudly and air jordan 13 stormed out of the courtroom when Judge Patricia Dimango addressed Medina. Another family member soon followed suit and left, slamming the door.

“When I watch family do that, that tells me who you are as well,” said Judge Patricia Dimango to Medina.

Since Medina takes medication that needs time to stabilize, her arraignment was adjourned to Dec. 12. If she misses the date,the judge warned,two years would be tacked on to her sentence.

Medina’s mother, Jackie, screamed at reporters outside the courtroom.

“They didn’t give my daughter any justice!” she exclaimed. “It was not served at all.”

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