By Carolann Lowe


Former 45th District City Councilman Jumaane Williams was elected New York City Public Advocate on March 20. Following William’s successful run, twelve candidates were in the running to replace him on the City Council. Today, the competition is down to eight candidates.

The original candidates consisted of Anthony Alexis, Anthony Beckford, Monique Chandler-Waterman, Louis Cespedes, Farah Louis, Jovia Radix, Hercules Reid, Xamayla Rose, Adina Sash, James Similien, Rickie Tulloch and Victor Jordan.

Louis Cespedes dropped out of the race a week after he made his first press appearance with the other candidates at the Central Brooklyn Action Association Forum. According to Kings County Politics, Cespedes said, “The number of candidates of color that are splitting the vote presents the real threat of losing our representation in this community. I want no part of this.”

The deadline to turn in petitions to the Campaign Finance Board was April 4, 2019. Each candidate was required to have at least 450 signatures to make it on the ballot. Former candidate James Similien had not turned in his petition by the required deadline.

Hercules Reid, chair of Legislative Affairs for CUNY and youngest former candidate in the running for the 45th district, was eliminated from the race after failing to provide his Certification form to the Campaign Finance Board by the required deadline.

Anthony Beckford was also disqualified before the scheduled election for next week after having submitting invalid petitions to the board, which put him under the 450 requirement for signatures.

The elections are now heating up as candidate endorsements continue to develop.

The special election will take place on May 14. There will be a primary and general election in June and November.