A 15-day extension on her repayment plan was granted in court on Tuesday for the former Cobble Hill PTA official who embezzled $82,000 from the Brooklyn elementary school.

As of May 2013, $66,000 has been repaid to the school, under a court order.

Providence Hogan pleaded guilty in 2011 and was sentenced to reimburse the school through a series of payments that would end next January.

At the sentencing Judge Suzanne Mondo warned Hogan,” “If you fail to make a payment, air max 90 femmes I will order a warrant for your arrest. I will not accept any excuses.”

That threat was carried out four days ago after the former P.S. 29 PTA treasurer failed to make a scheduled $17,700 payment.  She faces a possible two to six years in prison.

At Tuesday’s hearing defense lawyer Stephen Flamhaft asked that Hogan be released from custody because she suffered from anemia. The judge denied the request.