By Alexander Parisel

The Open Society Foundations hosted an event discussing the causes of and solutions for drug overdoses in the United States. According to Open Societys, the crisis is the leading cause of death among Americans under the age of 50.

“The Real Causes of (and Solutions to) Drug Use and Addiction” discussion took place at the host’s New York office, located on West 57th St. and Broadway.

The discussion was led by Johann Hari, New York Times best-selling author of “Chasing the Scream”’ Jasmine Tyler, advocacy director for the U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch; and Matt Wilson, deputy director of the Open Society Global Drug Policy Program. Wilson moderated the conversation.

Hari is a former drug addict who decided to write books about his personal experiences.

Matthew Wilson, deputy director for the Open Society Global Drug Policy Program, was the and moderator of Thursday’s discussion about drug abuse and addiction. Credit: Open Society Foundations