Nassau County officials announced on Tuesday  that they collected 330 illegal guns at the Grace Cathedral in Uniondale during a Gun Buy Back event held on Saturday.

The anonymous participants in the program were paid $100 for rifles, $200 for handguns and $400 for assault rifles. Among the weapons obtained were 195 handguns, 80 rifles, 33 shot guns, air jordan 6 femmes 15 assault rifles, and seven sawed-off shot guns.
, officials said.

“This was by far our most successful effort with more than 300 weapons collected in just three hours,” said District Attorney Kathleen Rice. ” These are weapons that will no longer be stolen, found by a child, or used in a crime.”

The event comes amid  a natioanl debate over how to curb gunviolence in the wake of the slaughter of children in Newtown, Conn.

Rice encouraged all owners of illegal firearms to take advantage of future buy back programs. “Without any questions asked, just bring in the guns to us, get the money, and walk out the door,” said Rice.