By Carolann Lowe



The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and the city Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) are proposing to eliminate outdated fire safety requirements.
The Board of Standards and Appeals was once responsible for fire safety regulations (fire escapes, sprinkler systems, doors, etc.). The New York City Department of Buildings took over the role of the BSA, after the enactment of the 1968 Building Code.
Officials of the FDNY gathered Thursday with counterparts at BSA to simplify rules having to do with building safety. 


“This is like a big clean up,” FDNY Legal Counsel Julian Basil told The Brooklyn News Service. He noted that in the city “more and more regulations and laws (are) being enacted.” But he said with obvious delight that there are “times that people actually go back and clean up old stuff.” Times like now.
He added, “This is a good thing.”
However, there were not many attendees at Thursday’s hearing and it barely lasted a minute. The Brooklyn News Service was the only media outlet present.
Basil thought that was funny. “It’s a good sign when nobody shows up. It usually means nobody is mad . . . “