A police department firearms expert testified Tuesday that a former bodyguard of Mayor Bloomberg did not comply with Department standards when he shot his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend outside her residence.

Leopold McLean, a 17-year NYPD veteran is accused of shooting LePaul Gammons – now a Rikers inmate – in the buttocks in 2010 and failing to report the incident. Retired firearms trainer Steve Minguez testified how an officer should proceed when faced with a tense encounter with a perpetrator.

The defense argues in Queens Supreme Court that McLean shot in the line of duty, thinking the victim was a burglar.

“Day one we are taught that two is better than one or in the case of the NYPD, 10 is better than one,” said Minguez. “Member should yell out ‘Police don’t move!’ and identify yourself as an officer. Then maximize cover.”

Minguez viewed grainy surveillance footage pointing to one of two male figures lifting his right arm, recoiling three times outside a residence, suggesting three shots were fired

Though McLean and Gammons both failed to report the shooting, McLean and his girlfriend reported a burglary at the time, saying Gammons had a knife and bullet fragments of a gun registered to Mcclean were found at the scene.

The prosecution asked Minguez if a burglary at knife-point justified “use of deadly force.”

McLean’s fiery defense lawyer Stephen Worth, who claims the off-duty officer was approached with a knife, countered, “Well, it’s not supposed be a fair fight is it?”

Minguez testified that McClean should not have fled the scene, but in a 911 call played in the courtroom, his girlfriend can be heard saying she will walk to a nearby police station to report the burglary.

Photo of Leopold McLean