The City Council Committee on Standards and Ethics met Tuesday in a private session where they were expected to strip Queens Councilman Dan Halloran of his authority.

Halloran was arrested last week accused of accepting bribes from State Senator Malcolm Smith to secure Smith a place in the Republican primary for mayor. On Monday, Halloran’s chief of staff Chrissy Voskerichian resigned from his office, and others are expected to do the same, according to The Daily News.

The committee also approved a resolution to remove Halloran from committee assignments, which the full council was scheduled to consider.

The opening of Halloran’s case closes another – the case of former Councilman Larry Seabrook, which was opened on March 14, 2010. Seabrook was convicted of 13 counts of money laundering, extortion, and fraud in February 2012. As a result, his council seat was automatically forfeited.