Students Taking Action

Video journalist Orinthia Robinson reports about a grass roots effort to end gun violence in a Brooklyn neighborhood.

No-Interest Loan for Dreamers

Video journalist Charina Nadura reports about a no-interest loan to help young immigrants pay the fee to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Parking Problems

Video journalists Karen Mendoza and Michael Gomez report about the shortage of parking spaces around Brooklyn College.

Contaminated Neighborhood

Video journalist Taylor Baker reports about a Long Island neighborhood where homeowners complain that a  history of soil contamination makes it difficult to sell their homes.

American Students in Paris

Video journalist Virgilia Hess goes home to France and discovers what American students studying in Paris think about the experience.

Big Apple Eats

Video journalist Russell Midori goes inside the kitchen of Bonnie's and discovers how the Park Slope, Brooklyn restaurant's famous catfish burger is prepared. This is the first episode in Russell's…

Brooklyn College Women’s Softball

Video journalist Anthony Tart profiles the Brooklyn College Women's softball team and center fielder Kim Konklewski.  Anthony goes on to capture the play-by-play for two games.